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“A facilitator sets the context and is a content-neutral task leader, who builds a safe container and convenes a group of people into a collaborative team, supporting consensus and using a range of processes to enable the group to accomplish their task”

Paula is a trained facilitator and is passionate about creating a welcoming space where everyone feels safe to be their authentic self and all voices are heard. 

Paula utilizes a collection of creative facilitation methods to inspire best thinking, inclusive participation and forward action for individuals, teams or groups of any size. She can bring diverse perspectives to consensus and move a team forward to achieve positive action and results in a short amount of time. 



Paula enjoys training and presenting on the following topics:

Managing Attendance
Diversity and Inclusion
Insights® Discovery Profiles
Workplace Investigations
Employee Privacy
MN Government Data Practices
Pupil Fair Dismissal Act
Education and the Law
Emotional Intelligence
Finding Human

Social Media
Title IX
Sexual harassment and discrimination
Minnesota Safe Schools Act
Employee Disciplinary Actions
One-on-One Sensitivity Coaching
Team Building and effectiveness
Preventing workplace discrimination
Conflict Resolution
Managing Difficult Employees

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AoH & ToP®

Many of the methods and techniques that Paula uses are adapted from Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter and Technology of Participation® created by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). Her workshop formats are frequently modified to fit the objectives of clients, but the intentions and authenticity of the methodologies created by the original authors remain the same. When applicable, Paula’s workshops will address and incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion. In addition, Paula uses her own unique process of moving individuals, groups and organizations quickly from talking about problems, to solutions that led to implemented action.

Workshop Methods Include:

Consensus Workshop
Action Planning Workshop
Circle Process
Open Space Technology
World Café
Wall of Wonder/Cultural Timeline
Collective Storytelling and Harvesting
Insights Discovery Workshop
Appreciative Inquiry
Video and Visual Workshop

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"Paula is amazing at bringing voices together to improve the lives of people, leaders, and organizations!"

John Schultz - Edina Public Schools Superintendent